Dixie Goods Company

Accessories for the Southern Tail-Waggers

Creating Big Dreams


Since childhood, I have been crafting my way through the seasons. From an early age, I left no crafting tool untouched. My hobby closet tells the whole story from toothbrush bracelets to modern quilting. After a long hiatus from a sewing machine, I started sewing after the addition of Dixie to my life. Dixie is a growing Golden Retriever who brings joy to my life daily. There are no bad days with Dixie! 

The Big Story

Dixie Goods Company was created after a Halloween Costume epic-fail with my dog, Dixie. For Dixie's first Halloween, I selected an XXX-Large bumblebee costume and was utterly disappointed when the costume was too small! Frustrated, I decided if Dixie cannot wear a Halloween costume, I will at least make her a stylish collar to wear for the holiday. My first collar was a fall-themed collar and shortly after Dixie had a collar for every holiday. The Delilah Collar is the collar that started the business when other dog owners wanted me to make their dogs similar collars. I have been creating collars and other accessories non-stop since Halloween of 2010. I started selling to the public in the fall of 2012. 


My dreams are always big for Dixie Goods Company. I have lots of products in my head and I look forward to creating them in the future for you! I always want to know what dog products you want to see from Dixie Goods Company - be sure to email us at woof@dixiegoodscompany.com with product ideas and suggestions. 

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today
— Thomas Jefferson

All Photography Taken by Christina Walker Photography