Dixie Goods Company

Accessories for the Southern Tail-Waggers

Product Information

These collars and leashes are for decorative purposes only.

If you have a dog that has a tendency to pull, please consult with your veterinarian for an alternative collar and/or leash to help prevent pulling.

Please make sure to not leave your dogs collar and/or leash where it may be chewed or ingested.

Please check your dogs collar and/or leash for wear and tear regularly.

Never ever leave your dog tied in or out from their collar and/or leash.

Collar Care

Hand Wash and Air Dry is recommended. 

The collars can be washed in the washing machine.

To wash them in a washing machine:

1. Move the Silver Length Adjuster and use stain remover in that area of the collar. 

2. Wash in Cold Water on the Delicate Cycle, preferable in a delicates bag. 

3. Air Dry 

Leash Care

Hand Wash and Air Dry is recommended. 

Dog Duvet Cover Care

Wash dog duvet covers in washing machine in cold water using a mild detergent. 

Air drying is recommended.