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Slide-On Dog Tags

Kady SteeleComment

I love working with the slide-on dog tags. I was introduced to them this spring from a fellow vendor wanting a different options besides monogramming and regular dog tags. I can work with y'all to have this attached to new Dixie Goods Co. collar orders. 

If you are interested in getting one for your dog - you can place your order through any of the vendors listed below and have it shipped directly to my post box. I'll be able to attach it to your collar during the production stage.

Three Important Notes:

1. Please email me at woof@dixiegoodscompany.com to obtain my post box address in order to have the slide-on tag shipped directly to me to save on shipping and time. 

2. The turn-around time for adding the slide-on dog tag is currently 2-3 weeks, once you place your order with Dixie Goods Co. and the vendor you are using for your slide-on dog tag. 

3. I can currently attach only 3/4 inch width and 1-inch width slide-on dog tags. 







Kady and Dixie