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Dixie and I are excited to introduce our website & blog! We are hoping to introduce everyone to the dogs who we name all of our dog collars after, show-off our dog-friendly neighborhood and city and showcase Dixie Goods Company! 

Dixie is a 5-year-old Golden retriever who loves snuggling and long walks in the neighborhood. I can say with 100% confidence, Dixie loves everyone, literally everyone! She is my little Wal-Mart greeter who will leave you with a smile on your face! Her favorite treats are carrots, favorite toy is a found puppy stuffed animal and prefers breakfast at 5:30 am and dinner at 4:00 pm. 

I am honored to be fulfilling one of my life goals by selling my handmade goods on Etsy and local Dallas-Ft.Worth Metroplex markets. I self-taught myself how to sew until my older brother tattled on me to our mother. Then, I was taught the basic stitches on the machine and my mom was patient enough to let me go wild with her sewing machine. I was sewing mainly doll clothes when I was self-teaching. Fast-forward to present day, after Dixie came into my life, I started sewing handmade collars and beds for her. The aspect of finding fabric, designs, colors and materials is incredibly exciting for me. I have recently started spending more time sewing modern quilts and other goods. I truly love sewing and always want to make sure to keep sewing fun! Keep up with my personal projects on Instagram @kady_steele ! 

My future plans for Dixie Goods is to showcase more collars on Etsy and establish a stronger online presence with dog accessories. Keep updated with the latest and greatest for Dixie Goods on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Our Blog, The Woof! 


Woof Woof. 

Kady & dixie